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Did you know that something like 5-million blog posts are published online every day?

You can check it on Worldometers if you don’t believe me. Take a look, I won’t be offended.

That’s a hell of a lot of blogging going on. And that’s a lot of competiton for your customers’ attention.

Unlike most bloggers out there, I’m not offering cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all blog posts. No low-effort SEO blogs here, no ‘top 10’ lists thrown together in half an hour.

What I’m offering is detailed and thoroughly researched articles, blog posts that get shared online and that light up comment sections.

What I provide is a way for you and your blog to stand out – a way to cut through the noise and a way to insert your brand into your target audience’s social media feed.

And in a crowded marketplace, there’s nothing more important.

Web Copy

Your website is like the shop window of your online business.

(It’s a tired cliché, I know. But we’ll stick with it.)

A website with bad copy is like a run-down shop. The paint is flaking off the woodwork, the mannequin is missing an arm, the sign has blown over and there’s a dead fly in the window.


A website with great copy – the sort of copy I can provide, dare I say – is like the grand opening of a new boutique.

The decor is crisp, the shelves are heaving with luxuries, a thronging crowd has gathered to queue outside and your favourite Hollywood star has just arrived in time to cut the ribbon.

Be the boutique – value your copy.


Copy Editing

You know what I hate?

Mistakes in copy.

I get a little twitch when I spot a spelling mistake. I wince at every misplaced apostrophe.

And I’m not the only one – your customers hate it too. That’s why it’s so important to make sure your web copy, your sales emails, your blogs and your marketing content are 100% mistake-free.

Whether your current copy is riddled with errors or it’s just a few years old and needs a refresh, I provide a copy editing service to remedy mistakes and breathe new life into tired words.

Content Marketing

Every brand has a voice. And just like people, they’re all a little different.

Some brands run a charm offensive, the softly-softly approach to sales. One minute you’re reading their blog, next you’re browsing their Pinterest board. Before you know it, their catalogue is sitting on your coffee table.

Others pile the pressure on. They’re the old-school salesmen of the web. You’ll know when you meet them – limited-time offers and cold calls are their bread and butter.

Just like people, some brands are rude and some are prudes. Some shout and scream for your attention, while others are silently faithful, content in the knowledge that you’ll know where they are when you need them.

Whatever your business sounds like, whatever your approach, I provide the high-performing content you need.

Drive more traffic, earn more leads, and boost your business.

Or don’t. I’m not one of those pushy brands after all…


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