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How Long Should My Blog Posts Be?

Just a quick post today to go over one of the most frequently asked questions in copywriting and web content – how long should my blog posts be?

For the maximum social shares and highest search ranking, aim to make your blog posts at least 2,000 words long.

Well, I did say it would be a quick post, didn’t I.

Don’t stop reading here though – because you want to know why long posts work best, right?

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How IT Suppliers Can Use Guides and eBooks to Grow Their Business

Content marketing has been around for a long time now – in fact I’ve lost count of the number of times that I’ve been told “content is king” – so it only makes sense that by now most businesses are making it a key part of their overall marketing strategies.

In this article, I want to go through some of the possible benefits to IT companies of producing eBooks and guides for their customers.

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How To Choose A Blog Topic Your Readers Will Love

According to WordPress, more than 2.8million new blog posts are published on their platform every day. Huffington Post reportedly posts a new article online on their site every 58 seconds, and, according to Worldometers, nearly 3.5million blog posts have been published today worldwide, and that’s just by 4.30pm here in the UK.

In the face of that kind of volume and competition, how do you know what blog posts will be popular, and which won’t?

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Three Examples of Great Technology Content Marketing

Content marketing is everywhere these days, from the blogs you read and the statuses you like, to the catalogues and brochures that you receive in the post.

It’s become so essential to the modern-day marketing mix that practically every business out there is making use of content in some way – and a handful of technology businesses have recently begun turning heads with their successes.

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How Case Studies Can Win You Customers

Whatever industry you work in and however big your business, your website exists to do two basic things – inform your customers and win you new business.

One of the best ways to promote your business and to win over potential customers, without going too heavy on the sales talk, is with the help of case studies; and here we’ll look at some of the most important things to keep in mind when putting one together:

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Why Every Tech Startup Needs A Blog

From smart home gadgets and quadcopter drones, to revolutionary apps and SAAS companies, tech startups cover a huge range of products and ideas, touching on almost every corner of the technology and software market.

On top of social media and traditional advertising, many startups are also making good use of blogging to sell their company to potential customers and investors.

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Is Blogging About More Than Just SEO?

If you’re up on your content marketing reading, you’ll already know about the great SEO benefits to your website that blogging can bring.

But aside from the obvious advantages that having a search-engine-friendly website can give your business, what else is there to gain from having a blog or news section? And is the time and cost of writing and updating your blog worth it?

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Top Three Reasons To Run A Blog

It seems like almost every website you visit today has a blog or a news page – sometimes they even have both.

By why is that? What are companies gaining by spending their time and money on writing blog posts? And wouldn’t that time be better spent on other parts of the business, like marketing or R&D?

Well, as you might be able to guess, I think that blogs are a pretty important part of most websites – and I’ll tell you why…

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How Does Employing a Freelancer Work?

I thought this might be an interesting and helpful post for anyone thinking of working with a freelancer (hopefully with me!) or for any would-be freelancers who want to know how it all works.

Now, obviously, the exact process will vary depending on the job, the freelancer in question, and how your business works, but the following is the rough process that I follow and that I’ve picked up from speaking to other freelancers.

So, here’s how it works!

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What is Content Marketing?

So I guess I should have started with this one, right?

Content marketing, or what we mean by it nowadays, hasn’t been around all that long. At least, not compared to the likes of traditional advertising and marketing.

But, despite its youth, content marketing is practically everywhere now, and there’s probably no decent-sized business that doesn’t use it, and no marketing agency that doesn’t dabble in it.

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Why ‘Content Mills’ Are Bad For Clients and Freelancers

I’ve always believed that, in almost every situation, you get what you pay for.

Sure, that t-shirt from Primark might be a fraction of the price of the other one, but will it last as long?

And yeah, own-brand ketchup might be a pound cheaper, but will it taste as good as Heinz?

Perhaps surprisingly, content marketing and freelancing come with some of the same issues as doing your shopping – you get what you pay for, and quantity doesn’t always trump quality.

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My Favourite Freelancer Resources

So, you want to be a freelance writer?

Chances are that, if you do, the very first thing you did was Google “how to be a freelance writer” – probably shortly followed by “how much do freelance writers earn.”

I know because I did exactly that when I decided, several months ago, to leave my full-time content writer job at a marketing agency to start out working for myself.

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