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Tech, Software and IT Writing

I’m Alex, and I specialise in writing web copy and blog posts for technology and software brands.

Working with tech businesses, software developers, IT vendors and marketing agencies, I help businesses to expand their reach, drive traffic and build their audiences.

With the right words in the right place, content that fits your company’s voice, and research-based writing without the buzzwords, your business will stand out and see results.

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Content Marketing

eBooks, guides and web content – oh my! I’ll do the research and write the content to help your business grow.



You know those boring articles that no one reads and that never get shared? Yeah, we’re not talking about those here.


Copy Editing

Current copy not quite cutting it? Sharpen up your syntax, get your grammar in check, and reap the rewards.

Web Copywriting

Clear, concise and jargon-free. Own a website that your customers love and that brings you the results you want.


Not all copy is created equal.

Some of it is bland and uninspiring.

And some of it, frankly, is just plain boring.

Your brand deserves something better, and I’m here to help.

From landing page copy to eBooks other marketing materials, I write content that can inspire your customers, convince, convert and sell.

I’ve helped other businesses just like yours.

You don’t want to be left out, do you?

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Aren’t you tired of boring, low-effort blog posts?

I know I am.

If you want to grab attention online and to turn your readers into high-value customers, you need articles that excite your audience, not send them to sleep.

Hire me to write for your blog.

I write high-quality, researched and shareable articles, tailored to meet your brand’s voice and your customer’s interests.

Become an authority in your industry and see a real return on your blogging investment.

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